Loukas Fund Q1-2023 Update

Loukas Full Market Cycle Fund

Loukas Full Market Cycle Fund


“The investment objective of the fund is to generate attractive returns by utilizing a long/short spot digital asset only strategy that hopes to outperform over the duration of the entire Bitcoin Four Year Cycle.”



  1. Not Interested –   Please let me know to be removed from the list and future communications.  Email – bob@thefinancialtap.com
  2. You have decided you would like to invest. Please complete this new form to confirm your commitment to the fund.  This will get you on the priority list.   Link >>  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1mhmaB_sLpbadMt8iCH9JRm8ruA8kDMktTFGzBje9zaU
  3. You have some more questions – Please reply with any questions and I will get back to you ASAP.  Email – bob@thefinancialtap.com
  4. You would like a 1:1 call with me to discuss further. Please schedule a meeting with Calendly on this link> https://calendly.com/bobloukas/30min


Fund Details-FUND –  Loukas Full Market Cycle Fund LP

FUND MANAGER –  Loukas Fund Management LLC

Delaware LP, maximum of 99 investors.

Open to all institutional investors and accredited investors both in the US and International.

Partnered with FTX US.

Minimum investment $200k.   Can be in form of Wire Transfer or Crypto (USDC)

Offering Documents will be available before October 28th.  Funding immediate.

Fees only 0.75% to cover legal, fund mgmt, CPA, Audits, Compliance.

18% performance fee.

Lock-Up Terms – 18 months initially.


Ideal Investor

Long term focused.

Stable wealth accumulation with upside to the price of Bitcoin