All Daily Cycle Trader alerts are sent via email to all members, but may be delayed by up to 20-30 minutes.  If you would like to obtain these in near real-time, via Twitter,  you need to follow this one-time process:

STEP 1. Click onto the Top Right menu option titled “MY PROFILE”.  Half way down the profile page, you will see a field called TWITTER ID.  This will let us know what your Twitter account name is so we could authorize access within Twitter. 

STEP 2. Once the form has been updated, go FT Daily Cycle on Twitter and request to follow us.  Your request will be pending my authorization.  Please allow from 5-7 days for your follow request to be approved, this is a manual process.  Make sure your Twitter ID in Step 1 matches the Twitter ID you requested to follow with.  It is a manual process on our end.

STEP 3. (Optional).  Once you submit that form I will send you an email with instructions for setting up SMS (Text) alerts along with Email alerts via TweetyMail.  These instructions are also found below.



How do I receive real-time SMS (Text) notifications within Twitter?  Here is a document that describes that process: SMS alerts via Twitter

How often will you trade and for what duration? The Daily Cycle Trader positions are designed to ride the Daily Cycles only.  That means trades will normally fall within the 3 to 15 day period.  Please be aware that this is not a day trading service, but the trades are not often choreographed within reports and trades can come at any time.  I will issue Stop levels within each trade and these should always be respected, but alerts will not go out when trades are stopped out automatically.  Alerts will be sent when a position is sold that was not stopped.